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The Georgia State FOP Lodges intent for this online form is to address the needs of our Law Enforcement Officer within the State of Georgia. No one is confronted with more situations that demoralize and create emotional, mental and spiritual burdens than today’s law enforcement officer. At times officers may need to express their frustrations and problems with one who fully understands the circumstances surrounding their duties and obligations.  This online form is provided so our officers will have a private link with our Senior Lodge Chaplain who can provide specialized guidance, counseling and assistance.

Senior Chaplain Donald McDuffie has served with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office since 1990. His career positions have included Jailer, Deputy Sheriff, Investigator and Assistant Commander. He has served as a Police Chaplain with his department for 11 years. He has served the State Lodge as the Senior Chaplain since 2012. Chaplain McDuffie stands ready to help any of our officers in need.

The mission of Police Chaplains Ministry is met through our prayer for those in need of God's grace. Jesus assures us that where two or more are gathered, he is there in our midst. Therefore, we pray as a community for the needs of God's people not only here in Georgia, but wherever they may find themselves.


To share your prayer request provide us with the information requested below:

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