Member Benefits

There are numerous benefits for being a member of the Fraternal Order of Police.  A few at the National Level and State Level are listed below.

State Lodge:

Life & Accidental Death Insurance (included with your dues)  Cipolla Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance – Attention Georgia Fraternal Order of Police Members: Now you can get special discounted rates on Car Insurance and Home Insurance while receiving superior customer service! Learn more and see if you could save on Liberty Mutual Car & Home Insurance.  Call Angie Williams today at 770-540-4568 or visit me online at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Financial Vest – Helping to Protect Those … Who Protect and Serve:  Founded in 1990 by Michael Hoffman and located just north of Atlanta in Roswell, GA – NAII (North Atlanta Insurance & Investments) is a financial services organization dedicated to helping law enforcement personnel create individual financial strategies for themselves and their families. We call it a “Financial Vest®.” It is an individualized plan that is intended to shield an officer and family from financial ruin in the event of an untimely death and/or simply aims to help provide a mechanism to accumulate wealth. Officers wear a vest to protect their lives… our insurance and money accumulation plans are designed to help protect their future.

National Lodge:

Fraternal Order of Police Travel Benefits
FOP Journal via the Grand Lodge
FOP Free College
FOP Visa® Rewards Credit Card
FOP Merchandise
FOP Legal Defense Plan  (Please contact the State Lodge Office if interested)
National Police Credit Union